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Crocodile leather on catwalks

The crocodile leather came back to the catwalks and seems to have settled down there for a long span of time. Couturiers and fashion houses return to the eternal theme of aristocratic shoes and handbags: classical silhouette and ultra durable crocodile leather of exceptional beauty. Kors and Versace separately presented crocodile leather status classical shoes a-la 80-s. The fashion world wizards go further. They sew clothes of crocodile leather (luxuriance that couldn’t be afforded before!). Today crocodile leather is used to produce coats, raincoats and narrow skirts. Natural crocodile leather was a fashion hit of Prada collection. It became a highlight of the collection of Silvia Tcherassi, the new Colombian star on couture sky. She presented an evening dress of crocodile leather...

On the whole, it is high time to find a grandmother’s handbag of crocodile leather in the farthest corner of the cupboard and take mother’s pumps out of a dusty box. The clothes of such an expensive matt erial, as crocodile leather, were always made with purely classical design. An elegant look and incredible durability of the leather allows them to remain beyond the time. And if you can’t find the inherited symbols of wealthiness and prestige in the family cupboard, it is worth while starting to pay attention to new “eternal” things made of crocodile leather.

Ladies crocodile leather shoes Ladies crocodile leather handbag Ladies crocodile leather shoes

Stars choose crocodile leather

Shoes and accessories made of crocodile leather become not only a part of “uniform” of European aristocrats and wives of successful businessmen, but also favourite purchases of the stars.

The most expensive whim of Madonna was a handbag made of crocodile leather by Fendi. 12000 pounds. The star was attracted by its ‘incredible aubergine colour’. And such a high price Madonna explained with  high quality of the tiny bag. At once she paid 12000 pounds for it.

Frankie Rayder, a glamorous beauty looking rapaciously at the world from covers of Vogue and catwalks of greatest couturiers’ collection shows couldn’t resist the charm of the crocodile leather either.

For the hot season she bought open-toe sandals Manolo Blahnik made of crocodile leather. And she is a real expert in it! Not only due to her being regarded as one of the most stylish models. During the photo-session of clothes collection made of python leather, Frankie could really feel ‘on her own skin’ the quality, comfort and beauty of the reptile’s leather.

Charlize Theron, the former model and current Hollywood actress who acted with de Niro, Ben Affleck, Keanu Reeves wasn’t lucky. The exacting blonde didn’t manage to find a handbag of her dream. She contented herself with a silvery bag in imitation of crocodile leather produced by Celine.

Ladies crocodile leather setShoes and handbag made of crocodile leather in cognac brown colourLadies crocodile leather set

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